AquaMAX Hot Water Systems Brisbane

Searching for a superior hot water system? AquaMAX is the answer! Established in the Australian market, AquaMAX hot water systems are crafted from top-grade materials, providing the finest water heaters with both continuous flow and storage systems. Don't settle for anything less than the best - AquaMAX has it all! Each system is designed to meet your individual needs, ensuring maximum convenience and satisfaction. With AquaMAX, you can rest assured knowing you're getting superior quality and unbeatable value. Why wait? Get the best hot water system for your home today.


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Aqua Max Hot Water Systems Brisbane

AquaMAX Hot Water Systems Installation & Repair Specialists in Brisbane

At Brisbane Hot Water Group, we specialize in installing and repairing AquaMAX hot water systems. Read on to learn more about the different types of hot water systems available from AquaMAX and which one might be right for your home. Contact us today!

AquaMAX Electric Hot Water Storage

AquaMAX electric hot water storage systems are perfect for storing pre-heated water in cylinders and delivering it when required. These systems are made from materials such as vitreous enamel-coated steel and stainless steel.

One of the best options for an electric hot water system is the AquaMAX Electric Vitreous Enamel Hot Water. This system is suitable for replacements, indoor and outdoor installations, and delivers water at mains pressure. The cylinder is available in sizes ranging from 50 to 400 liters, making it suitable for both small and large homes. The system comes with a 5-7 year warranty, and there are different models available to choose from.

AquaMAX Gas Hot Water Storage

AquaMAX offers 5-star gas hot water systems that are designed to meet most hot water needs. The stainless steel cylinders in the G270SS, G340SS, and G390SS models store heated water at higher temperatures than traditional hot water systems. These systems are available in 270L, 340L, and 390L gas storage needs and come with a 10-year cylinder warranty.

Are you in the market for a 270L hot water system that won’t take up too much space? Look no further than the AquaMAX Stainless Steel 270L gas storage hot water sets! These sets are equipped with the latest in burner technology, ensuring efficient water heating that doesn’t take up too much space. Make the switch today to an easy-to-install and compact hot water system in the Brisbane area!

AquaMAX Gas Continuous Flow

AquaMAX gas-powered continuous flow hot water systems are designed to save you energy, boasting 6-star efficiency. As you turn the tap, the water is heated on the spot, rather than needing to be pre-heated and stored, making it an ideal choice for those with limited space. Plus, all you need to do to get it up and running is connect it to an electric power outlet. You can also mount it onto an external wall or even place it inside a box.

One of the benefits of the AquaMAX continuous flow gas hot water system is its excellent temperature control. You can choose to install one or more user-adjustable temperature controllers, allowing you to set different temperatures in different parts of your home.

AquaMAX Premium Stainless Steel Hot Water Systems

AquaMAX’s stainless steel hot water systems boast superior corrosion resistance and are up to 50% lighter than traditional vitreous enamel cylinders, making them easier to move. Plus, these models exceed the MEPS energy efficiency rating by 27%, earning them a 5-star energy efficiency rating and helping you save money on energy bills.

Electric Stainless Steel Hot Water Systems from AquaMAX are electrically powered and made from stainless steel material. They are lightweight and resistant to corrosion, so they’re built to last. However, they are not suitable for areas with hard or bore water.

If you need assistance picking the right AquaMAX hot water system for your home, contact Brisbane Hot Water Group. Our experts can guide you in selecting the ideal system for your needs, as well as offer installation and repair services.

History of AquaMAX in Australia

AquaMAX Pty Ltd has a long history of designing and manufacturing highly efficient water heaters for Australian families. The company was established in Melbourne in 1988, with a team of dedicated engineers who began designing the first 5 star, 10 year warranty heater. Production began in 1992 and over 100,000 units were sold within the first six years
AquaMAX has always been committed to offering Australians only the best quality water heaters. In 2001, the company released a new range of Stainless Steel Gas units with a 10-year warranty, and introduced Gas boosted solar water heaters with Stainless Steel storage cylinders. AquaMAX continued to expand its range of products, releasing a full range of Electric Vitreous Enamel storage models in 2004.

By January 2009, AquaMAX had sold half a million units, making it one of the most popular brands of hot water heaters in Australia. In August 2009, the market leader Rheem Australia Pty Ltd acquired AquaMAX. Since then, AquaMAX has continued to expand its distribution nationally while improving efficiency in its manufacturing plant in Moorabbin, VIC.

AquaMAX’s commitment to innovation and energy efficiency is evident in its product range, which includes highly efficient Gas and Electric Stainless Steel water heaters. These units offer superior energy efficiency, a 10-year cylinder warranty, and are up to 50% lighter than traditional hot water heaters with no need for sacrificial anodes.

Brisbane Hot Water Group is a preferred supplier of AquaMAX products. As a leading supplier of hot water systems in Brisbane, we are proud to offer our customers AquaMAX’s highly efficient and reliable water heaters. With a focus on quality and innovation, AquaMAX is a trusted brand that we are proud to be associated with.